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What to Do with Yellow Teeth

What to Do with Yellow TeethYellow teeth can really age you and take away from the natural beauty of your smile. You may feel self-conscious about smiling widely in pictures or social situations, and you may try to cover your smile with your lips or your hand. Our Thousand Oaks cosmetic dentist can help you kiss your yellow smile goodbye and discover a whiter, brighter, more youthful look. The right treatment may vary based on the cause of your discolorations.

1.    Dental hygiene
Poor dental hygiene can result in an accumulation of plaque and tartar, which leaves your teeth looking dull, yellow or brown. A professional cleaning and good daily dental habits may be enough to brighten your smile and even help prevent serious dental disease.

2.    Aging and worn enamel
Teeth can become worn over time due to the aging process, acid erosion or harsh brushing techniques. Whitening may provide a temporary boost but may not be appropriate for all types of enamel wear. We may recommend dental veneers, which cover worn teeth and provide a beautiful stain-free finish.

3.    Stains
Coffee, wine, energy drinks, soft drinks and other substances contain chromogens, which can penetrate the porous enamel on your teeth and oxidize, leaving behind an unattractive discoloration. These types of stains often respond extremely well to traditional whitening treatments, such as professional take-home whitening kits or our laser-assisted whitening treatments that can be completed in a single dental appointment.

Prevent new stains from depositing by brushing and flossing after meals and using a straw when drinking staining beverages. Touch-up whiteners are recommended as well as rinsing with water immediately after drinking wine, coffee or similar substances. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our expert in teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks.

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