What to Do With a Cracked Tooth

The outer surface of our teeth is made of a hard, crystallized mineral called enamel, and it is the hardest substance in our bodies. Although it is even harder than bone, it can still be damaged. If you have a cracked tooth, you need emergency dental treatment to prevent further damage and save the tooth. Our emergency dentist in Thousand Oaks can help.

Symptoms of a cracked tooth can include pain that occurs when chewing or when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures. This pain may be erratic, and you may not be able to pinpoint the problem tooth. The pain comes from the pulp of the tooth, which is encased in the dentin and surrounded by the enamel. As you use the tooth, the cracked pieces can shift and move, which irritates the nerve. If the crack is large enough, the soft tissues inside the tooth can even become infected.

A cracked tooth will not heal on its own, and without treatment, the damage can progress and result in the loss of the tooth. Immediate dental help is necessary. A root canal treatment can be used to remove infected or damaged soft tissues, and a crown can keep the tooth intact and preserve its form and function.

Although not all dental emergencies can be prevented, you can reduce your risk of cracked teeth by avoiding chewing on hard objects, clenching or grinding your teeth, and wearing appropriate safety gear when playing sports. Contact our expert in dental crowns in Thousand Oaks to learn more or to schedule your appointment.