Dental Extractions

Dr. Sharon Shamoiel is committed to offering conservative dental treatments that preserve the greatest amount of healthiest tooth tissue.

However, in some cases dental extractions are necessary. Extracting a tooth can protect your other teeth and help protect your overall dental health.

Treatment Plan

Severely decayed teeth, wisdom teeth that are broken or fractured, excessively worn teeth, and teeth that are impacted or crowding other teeth may all need to be extracted. Teeth may also need to be extracted before orthodontic treatment can begin.

Our expert in dental extractions in Thousand Oaks will create an extraction treatment plan after examining your teeth and determining the condition of the tooth, how the tooth is angled, the amount of bone in the jaw and its relation to other teeth.

Dental Extractions

If you are a candidate for a dental extraction, our dental extractions expert will work to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible. We understand that many people are understandably uncomfortable with the idea of having a tooth extraction, so we will work with you to find the most appropriate solution to your anxiety.

Sedation may be available to help you relax throughout the procedure.

After Your Extraction

After your extraction, Dr. Shamoiel – our expert in dental extractions, provides you with instructions that promote healing. Keep the gauze in place as recommended, and take medications as prescribed. You may need to eat soft foods for a few days to reduce the pressure on the site.

Brush and rinse according to instructions to minimize the risk of infection or other complications, and schedule your follow-up care to ensure that your extraction site is healing as expected.

If your tooth was extracted as a result of damage, decay or gum disease, you will need to consider your restoration options. We offer a variety of restorations that can be used to replace one or many missing teeth and can help you determine which one may be best for you.

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