Foods and Drinks That Can Stain the Teeth

Stained, yellow, brown or gray teeth stains are common in adults and not because their teeth have aged but because they have been consuming staining foods and beverages for many years. Learning which foods and drinks are likely to discolor your teeth can help you avoid them and continue enjoying a bright, youthful smile for years to come.

Natural Stains

Natural dyes are hard to avoid and often found in some of the healthiest foods, such as berries and other deeply colored fruits and vegetables. Coffee, tea, wine, soy sauce and curries can also be big offenders. Because you may not want to cut these things out of your diet entirely, it is helpful to learn how to minimize their effects. To help avoid teeth stains, rinse your mouth with water after enjoying a staining food or drink, and brush your teeth about half an hour later.

Coffee Beans

Artificial Dyes

Soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, candy, and some gums contain artificial dyes that sink deep into the structure of the teeth. Our dentist in Thousand Oaks recommends limiting your consumption of these items to help reduce the risk of teeth staining. It can also help you stay healthier since most have little or no nutritional value and can have high acid and sugar contents that can actually damage your teeth.

Other Stains

Poor dental hygiene and worn dental enamel can both contribute to the appearance of stained teeth. Brush your teeth at least two times a day, and floss them every day. Use a soft-bristled brush to reduce the risk of damaging your teeth.

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