Full Mouth Restorations

Many people expect to have dentures as they reach their golden years, but teeth are in fact able to last a lifetime with good dental care. Our full mouth restorations dentist can provide you with the comprehensive dental care that you need to keep your smile healthy and strong even after you have suffered from extensive damage, severe decay, tooth loss or excessively worn teeth. Our goal is to stabilize your dental health and rebuild your teeth for a functional, healthy, happy smile.

Our expert recommends a variety of dental treatments after performing a comprehensive evaluation. At your initial appointment, you will be given a dental exam and records may be taken. This allows us to offer diagnoses and treatment recommendations. We may also be able to make alternative recommendations so that you can make the choices that are best for you.

Full Mouth Restorations

Because many factors go into a healthy, balanced relationship among all aspects of your smile, we have many treatment options for many serious dental health issues, including:

TMJ Disorders

TMJ therapies may be recommended for patients with TMJ disorders. This can ease the discomfort and pain from joint damage or injury.


Our full mouth restorations dentist offers non-surgical periodontal therapies that can combat this common oral infection and help restore gum health.

Damaged or Decayed Teeth

Tooth-colored dental fillings, inlays, onlays, porcelain crowns and dental extraction may be needed to preserve whole-mouth health and rebuild your smile.

Missing Teeth

Restoring missing teeth can fill the gaps in your smile while improving the overall function of your mouth.

Dental Implants

The healthiest tooth replacement option available today, dental implants can be used with crowns, bridges or dentures to replace one or many missing teeth.


A misaligned or maloccluded bite can place significant pressure on your teeth and damage your jaw joint. Invisalign and invisible braces can be great choices for straightening any smile.

Worn or Damaged Restorations

Replacing inadequate restorations can protect your mouth from further damage and brighten up your entire look.

Our dentists may recommend both restorative and cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, to give you back your gorgeous smile.

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