Sedation Dentistry Thousand Oaks

Regular dental checkups play an important role in your dental health, but a trip to the dentist can trigger stress and anxiety in some people. Dental anxiety is actually fairly common and can affect both men and women of all ages.

Unfortunately, those with dental anxiety may be more likely to skip necessary routine care and delay or avoid necessary treatments. Dr. Shamoiel, our Thousand Oaks sedation dentistry expert, offers sedation options that can help you feel calmer and more relaxed whether you need a deep cleaning procedure or something more extensive.

Dr. Shamoiel, our expert in sedation dentistry in Thousand Oaks understands that visits to the dentist are not always a pleasant experience for some of our patients. We take extra steps to ensure your comfort at each stage of the process, and our office is designed with your needs in mind. Each member of our staff has been trained to respond to your needs in the most compassionate way possible. We also offer sedation options that can further relax you for a more pleasant experience overall.

Sedation Dentistry

Our Thousand Oaks sedation dentistry expert, Dr. Shamoiel, offers a variety of sedation options, including:

  • Nitrous Oxide – Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is administered through a mask that covers your nose. It has some pain-relieving properties, but more importantly, it allows you to feel calm, relaxed and even a bit sleepy.
  • Oral Sedation – Oral sedatives are taken before the appointment to alleviate anxiety. They offer powerful relief from your emotional discomfort, but you will need another person to drive you to and from your appointment for your safety.
  • IV Sedation – Sedatives are administered and monitored by an anesthesiologist to provide you with dramatic relief from your anxiety, and you may even experience a mild amnesia, which means that you may remember little about your appointment.
  • General Anesthesia – These drugs are also administered and monitored by an anesthesiologist. They induce unconsciousness and are generally used for complex treatments.

Your needs are unique, and Dr. Shamoiel – our expert in sedation dentistry, will help you decide on the best sedative for your needs. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shamoiel, our Thousand Oaks dentist.

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