Are Root Canals Painful?

Root CanalRoot canal treatment is a procedure that removes infected or diseased tissues from the tooth. At one time, teeth that were severely damaged or infected would need to be extracted, which could affect other teeth.

Today, these treatments allow us to save teeth that never would have survived a hundred years ago. Our Thousand Oaks emergency dentist is always happy to explain the procedure and work to allay your fears. Many people are understandably concerned about the pain.

Root Canals Relieve Pain

Root canal treatments have gotten a reputation for being painful, but they are generally no more uncomfortable than a dental filling or similar restoration. The nature of the treatment means it will relieve pain. When an infection forms inside the tooth, the nerve can become inflamed and irritated, and this leads to significant pain. A root canal treatment will eliminate the source of the pain and seal the tooth to protect it against further infection.

Root Canal Process


We take your comfort seriously and use local anesthetics to eliminate pain during your root canal treatment. Sedation may also be available.

Most patients report an immediate improvement in their symptoms after a root canal treatment, but if your infection was severe, it could take a few days for the inflammation to subside.

Antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed based on your individual needs.

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