A pedodontist is a pediatric dental specialist. Our Thousand Oaks pedodontist has completed not only the required dental training but also additional training that allows them to better understand and meet the unique dental needs of children. Routine dental care, preventative care, professional cleanings, dental X-rays and other care are all available.

What We Emphasize

Our pedodontist places a particular emphasis on preventing dental health problems. Good dental care and early intervention when problems do develop can help significantly reduce a child’s risk of later dental problems. We take the time to teach and demonstrate good dental hygiene techniques to our young patients and work with them to establish healthy dental habits.

Dental sealants and fluoride treatments may be recommended as an additional step to reduce the risk of dental diseases.

Good Dental Health Starts Early

We believe the journey to good dental health starts early, and the ADA recommends bringing your children for their first checkup by the time they are a year old. Dental offices can be intimidating for adults and children alike, so we take the time to make sure kids are comfortable and relaxed from their first visit and throughout each subsequent visit.

Our Thousand Oaks pedodontist is friendly and engaging, and we work closely with you to make your child feel right at home. We explain everything at an age-appropriate level to take the fear and mystery out of essential dental treatments and to make dentistry feel safe and comfortable for your child.

Our Commitment

Our office is committed to making each dental appointment a positive experience for our younger patients. Understanding and addressing dental health needs at a young age can help children avoid many serious dental health problems and reduce their risk of such common diseases as tooth decay and periodontitis.

Whether your child simply needs routine and preventative care or major orthodontic and restorative work, we can help. Dental fillings, crowns, root canal treatments, dental extractions and other common dental treatments are all available and are designed to take your child’s unique dental needs into consideration. Contact our pedodontist in Thousand Oaks to learn more or to schedule your child’s next appointment.