Protecting Your Kids from Dental Cavities

Parents are advised to bring their children into their first dental checkup by the time the children are a year old. Regular checkups are recommended every six months to prevent dental cavities.

There are many things that you can do in between dental checkups with Dr. Shamoiel to help keep your child and his or her teeth healthy and prevent dental cavities. It is never too early to help your child cultivate good dental habits that can last a lifetime.

Child Brushing Teeth

Healthy Diet

One of the most important things that you can do is to encourage a healthy diet. Balanced meals that include fresh vegetables and fruit but are low in processed foods and sweet snacks help your child build strong teeth and healthy gums. Limit between-meals snacking, and encourage nutritious snacks, such as carrot sticks and apples instead of chips or cookies. Milk and water should be the go-to drinks instead of juices or soft drinks. If your child enjoys gum, offer only sugar-free gum, which contains cavity-fighting Xylitol.

Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is critical in preventing dental cavities. Start cleaning his or her mouth right away by using a wet cloth to wipe down the gums until teeth erupt. You then use a soft-bristled brush to clean the tooth. Supervise brushing habits until your child demonstrates consistently good brushing techniques. Flossing should be done daily. Dental flossers can be used instead of regular dental floss until your child improves his or her fine motor skills.

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