Smoking Cigarettes and Its Effect on Root Canals

According to a study on smoking and dental care that was published in the “Journal of Dental Research”, men who smoke are significantly more likely to need root canals.

The long-term study, which began in 1968, tracked data from the Veterans Affairs for three decades. Male study participants were evaluated every three years to determine the amount and degree of tartar buildup, cavities, dental restorations, tooth mobility and gum disease. Risk factors included the amount of time that patients smoked, the extent of the smoking and other factors.

For former smokers, risk appeared to decrease with the passage of time. At Sweet Tooth Dental Center we recommend that you quit smoking to protect your dental health and reduce the need for root canals.

Smoking Increases Oral Infections

A root canal treatment is designed to remove damaged or infected tissue from the root canals of the tooth. It can help save a tooth that might otherwise be at risk of extraction, and it can preserve your oral health.

Smoking interferes with healthy blood flow, and can increase the risk of dry mouth, which can trigger oral infections, gum disease, cavities and other common dental health problems. If you are a candidate for a root canal treatment, we recommend you quit smoking before the procedure and while the treatment site heals.

Smoking Inhibits Healing

Smoking can inhibit healing and increase the risk for periodontal disease and complications after dental treatments. Quitting smoking can reduce or eliminate your risk and improve your overall health.

You may benefit from smoking cessation programs, and medications are available to support your healthy lifestyle efforts.

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