What to Do with Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be enough to ruin your whole day and keep you up all night. If you are suffering from teeth pain, you most likely want relief. The source of your relief can vary based on the cause of the problem.

Brief sensitivity after contact with cold or hot foods and drinks is usually attributed to minor dental issues. Treatment may only require switching to a desensitizing toothpaste and using a soft-bristled brush to protect your teeth and gums from damage as you brush.

Sensitivity sometimes occurs after routine dental care. In most cases, this will subside over time. If it does not, further evaluation may be needed.

Sharp pain when biting down may indicate a cracked or broken tooth, damaged filling, or damage to the pulp. You may also experience lingering pain when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures and constant, severe, or throbbing pain, which may indicate that the tooth has become abscessed. This requires prompt dental treatment. The tooth may need to be endodontically treated, or you may need a new restoration.

If you are unsure of the origins of your tooth pain or are experiencing severe or ongoing pain, you may need emergency dental care. Infections, deep decay, cracked teeth, and damaged restorations lead to more severe dental problems, and without treatment the tooth could be lost.

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